Patient being helped by doctor


"There are not enough amazing things I can say about Jessica Hampton. She was really there for me in such a hopeless and stressful time with my father. He had five terrible falls over two days along with having COVID. We were in and out of emergency rooms and no one was admitting him which left me in a world of despair. Then receiving a call from Jessica suggesting we take him to another hospital-it was only then that he was able to get the care that he needed over several days there. Plus she helped us get him into a rehab facility after dismissal from the hospital. She checked on me daily, was there for any questions or concerns I had, and also felt like a friend who TRULY listened with patience and care while empathizing what I was going through.

There are some people in this work that were meant to do what they are doing and she is most definitely one of them! You can immediately feel that she cares and is going to give you the best help and advice possible. I could not have gotten through that month of a rough patch with my father's health without Jessica's assistance, genuine concern, and exceptional care. I now refer to her as my angel because she was consistently there in a time of need that felt so desperate, lonely, and scary. There is a chorus in a song by Laura Bell Bundy called "That's What Angels Do" and I feel it accurately describes how I feel about Jessica and her gift as a healthcare provider and caregiver.

This stage of life when you are caring for an elderly parent can be an extremely trying time and I just cannot thank Jessica enough for all that she did for me and my father and continues to do. She is such a phenomenal person and she will always hold a very special place in my heart."

-Amy B

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